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Let’s Leverage Time and Work To Amplify Your Efforts!

“Every single day, there are people praying for the physical & financial solutions you have to offer. A small step in the right direction can have amazing positive impacts for you & the businesses you’ll align with! Be the solutions provider I know you are!”

– Lauren Busch
wife, wellness advocate, mother of 9, holistic nurse

As a busy mother of 9 I knew I would have to dial in and really leverage my time. After much research and soul searching I came to the realization that people were already out there looking for natural alternatives and trusting certain professionals, and those professionals are looking for ways to deepen relationships and help more people in a unique way! A perfect match.

“Learn how I have been partnering and working with businesses to grow our team and support professionals, I have streamlined it so you can learn these skills too!” – LB

  • Are you realizing that the people you started with is likely not the same people you are going to finish with?
  • Are you struggling to find the perfect avatar you do want as a long-term business partner?
  • Would you like to find the customers that are already looking for you?

Identify the course that represents your current relationships or those you would like to partner with and let’s rock this!

* If you’re interested in more than one course package, check out “Mastering The Approach” package below! Not only do you save money and get access to all 15+ training’s to rock your professional partnerships BUT there is also some great BONUS training’s, videos and content you can only find there!


Each Training Course Includes:

  • Step by Step. Learn on a simple e-learning style platform. Although the e-learning platform looks to follow a specific order you are FREE to jump around AFTER you watch the intro, then please jump right to the professionals that are most relevant or that you want to learn about first.
  • Track Your Progress. Be sure to mark things complete as you move through the training’s, this well help as you log back in to know what you have accomplished and still need to review.
  • Lifetime Access. Future training’s and details I add are always free to you as this is a lifetime access to this program. I do that for a few reasons, I find people often have professionals in mind to approach right away and others that either come up later or their team members needs support with, and I want them to be able to return to a training in the future even it wasn’t one they initially focused on.
  • My Presentations. During each training for each professional, I will walk you through the exact power-point I use for my presentations and explain what I teach. You will also have access to all of my power-points in the “materials” tab of each lesson!
  • Access to the Approaching Professionals Facebook Group. Every person who signs up for ANY or ALL of the Approaching Professionals training’s will receive lifetime access to the secret Facebook group, “Approaching Professionals.” There are additional tips, lessons learned and shared, bonus training’s, and a safe space to learn and ask questions with a whole community, about each professional  and business you’re approaching.
  • Call Scripts. You will get my call Scripts for setting up meetings with your professionals. Remember, these scripts should still be edited to fit you and your personality. You want it to sound authentic and natural for you, when you call.
  • Intake Forms. I have also included intake forms I have used to help business integrate the oils,
  • Referral Forms. Referrals forms for other businesses who only want a referral relationship.
  • Consult Forms. Consult forms to handle when that referral calls and guide that conversation.
  • Bonus Videos. At least one bonus video is inside each Training Course, grabbing the whole “Mastering The Approach” course means you will enjoy all of the videos from the smaller packages PLUS all additional Bonus Training’s and some amazing personal Interview’s with Holistic Professionals working their craft right now and how they do it!

Grab my most popular course “Mastering The Approach” which includes all three of the training’s below and more bonus content!

OR …

Want to just learn about one specific group of professionals? Look at my individualized training’s below!

If you are liking more than one of the training’s below grab the “Mastering The Approach” training! SAVE MONEY and get ACCESS to all THREE training’s below for the price of two, plus special BONUS content!

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