Lisa M. O’Day, RN

Registered Nurse, Holistic Nurse

(Focus: Aging Gracefully, Holistic Health, Hormone Support, & Aggressive Health Concerns)

Lisa has been focused on alternative health solutions for most of her life. Seeing many family members sick often, she embarked on her Nursing Profession in her 50’s. A great example that it is never to late to chase your dreams. She has been on an amazing path ever since, to help people establish their energy, vitality and life free of pain!

Her mission in life now is to share these gifts of the earth with others so they can enjoy the same health benefits she has and more! Lisa and her team are far reaching across the US and she is the leader for our largest international team as well with groups in Switzerland and Brazil.

Her gifts of healing and working to align energy and help people move from their past on to a brighter future is nothing short of miraculous.

“Feel to heal.”

Lisa O’Day, RN