Melanie Darnell

Mother of 3, Vegan, Fitness & Social Media Influencer

(Focus: Holistic Living, Vegan Lifestyle, Fitness, Oils and Kids, and Natural Sleep and Energy Support)

Melanie  is a mom of 3. She loves getting creative with at home workouts and whipping up yummy vegan meals in the kitchen. Her passion is to help you achieve your fitness goals and simplify this whole plant-based eating thing especially when it comes to raising vegan kids.

She leads and inspires an amazing tribe of over 100,000 people on online through her @fitmommafor3 instragram platform. Thanks so much for joining the Fitmomma Community!

Her essential journey started a few years ago and she has loved learning new ways to keep her family healthy, support her husband as a stunt man and the injuries he brings home too. She is passionate about sharing what is working for her as a busy mom to relax, help the kids, and to try in her recipes.

Melanie Darnell