Olivia Fritz

Momma, Crafty Oil Lady

(Focus: Holistic Health, Hormone Support, Oils and Pets, and Stroke Awareness and Behcet’s Advocate)

Olivia loves her family and animals. She moved to southern Delaware to enjoy a slower pace of life after a few challenging years for her family. She had great success helping her husband recover from a stroke in his early 30’s at a pace much quicker than the doctors expected. She has always been proud to stand up for what she believes in and enjoyed taking the research on how she was helping him to the skeptical doctors.

Her passion for animals allows her to serve and align with local non-profit groups to help animals and she has adopted many herself. She can craft anything, like really anything.

She brings her passion to her doTERRA business and loves introducing others to a community full of like minded and strong willed people who are willing to search a bit deeper for answers in health and life.

Olivia is currently enrolled in Medical School and with her intellect, they are going to be lucky to have her. The entire Holistic Essentials family will be cheering on the future Dr. OIivia Fritz! We have no doubt she is going to be one amazing advocate for her patients!

Olivia Fritz