Empowered Parents

The Tools to Amplify Your Life

A Natural Solutions Revolution …

Ever wondered what you could accomplish if you …

> had the right support system,

> went fearlessly into that direction because it was already a passion of yours,

> already knew all you needed or where to find it to ensure you success,

> had the time and money freedom to do those things we all put on our “Wish” list,

> and feel free to insert any of your own hopes and dreams here too …

Does this sound like it would be fulfilling? We thought so too, bigger than us, is our drive to empower other parents and families toward an empowered life, with control of their own health and financial future! If we had a way to help you move closer to all of this, we feel it is our responsibility to share that hope with you.

Listen to these powerful women, the trials set before them and where they are now …

Physical, Emotional and Financial Health

Hear a first hand account of this amazing mother’s journey back from an abusive relationship to a life full of love and the time freedom to magnify her calling while helping others!

Can Oils Move Mountains? They did for Jesse!

From welfare and struggling on many levels, Jesse talks about her journey as a mom on the spectrum herself and her journey to a better life. Learn how she did it and what this opportunity could do for you!

Meet The Oily Family

Our Holistic Essentials family of natural solution and essential oil lovers are changing how they care for their own families and rocking a positive change in the lives of others. A movement in natural care and empowerment for the “whole” person. We are humbled to be the founders of this Holistic Essentials movement! Check out our website.