Essential Oil Safety, DIY and More

Quick EO safety tip: When using Topically, it is always best to dilute for little ones, the elderly or people with sensitive and fair skin. I recommend the great high quality FCO (Fractionated Cocounut Oil) you can get wholesale right in your doterra shopping area or in a pinch Jojoba oil or a high quality Olive oil to dilute the oils with when putting on the skin.

Healthy Living

Living a doTERRA lifestyle means living a life of health and wellness, vitality and stamina, and being your best self. Living healthier and incorporating essential oils can be simple, fun and offer great support for your overall wellness. So many great tips at the doterra “Healthy Living” section of their blog: Check out some of Lauren’s favorite tips and suggestions. Whether it is essential oils for their calming effects, a healthy skin routine an immune boost or some best kept secrets, check out some of these great articles.

Some of Our Favorites:

1: The 7 Best Calming oils! Some powerful oils for some QT that you deserve!

2. Or how about some of what doterra calls their “Best Kept Secrets?” Learn more about the power of combining Spearmint, Tangerine and Lime oil!

3. Wanting to step up and get natural with your skin care routine, here are 7 Steps To Beautiful Skin.

4. For anytime of year you need a little boost, learn more about Essential Oils for The Immune System!

5. Let’s finish here with some good tips on Why You Should Use Essential Oils Daily!

Have Kids … Need More Sleep? You’re Not Alone!

Having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep is a prevalent issue; 33 percent of Americans are not getting the recommended amount of sleep per night. While some might be tempted to excuse away their lack of sleep, depriving your body of sleep has a broad range of negative impacts on your body.

There are a variety of reasons for this, including a higher-stress modern society, electronics, and an increase in sleep related problems. There are many sleep aids on the market that promise to alleviate this issue, but many methods have unwanted side effects. One huge benefit of essential oils includes the impact they can have on sleep in a natural, balanced way. Check out the details on how to support yourself for a better natural way to get “What Many of Us Are Missing.”

Oils In The Kitchen

Ever enjoyed something so packed with flavor you just wanted to savor it? Well when it takes 26 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of lemon oil, trust us when we say the flavors from essential oils do amazing things for your food, smoothies, drinks and just make things more fun. Who doesn’t want more fun in their life? Sign me up, right? Even better when it is simple, affordable and the whole family can get involved. Kids love creating and enjoying their own healthy food choices and mixing in the benefits of oils! Bringing the family back together for food prep and meal times and so much more, oils have helped us in so many ways.

Moving Into A New Lifestyle Is Easier Than You Think …

Take The Journey And Let Us Be Your Guide.

Congratulations on moving toward a healthier and more natural lifestyle! Jump in and learn with Lauren about some fun tips and way to get started, some solutions to support your journey and how to save the most money when purchasing oils and natural solutions! Jam packed info session is great to watch after you first receive your oils and want to learn a bit more about setting things into motion or just for a great refresher to keep you excited to stay on this path to a healthier you!

From Broadway to the NFL to the Olympics here are just a few of our favorite doterra Performance Advocates. Their stories are not only inspiring but so are they! As people they represent the doTERRA culture of giving back to uplift and empower others.

Shoshana Bean

Tim Hightower

Christa Dietzen

Want To Become An Empowered Parent?

Enjoying the benefits of essential oils as much as we are? We thought you might! Ever wonder if something this simple and fun could be a way to get your oils for free or bring extra income into the family?  Ever wanted to align with something you are passionate about and helps other parents in such a huge way? Jump over to our Empowered Parents page and see how we went from John working 3 jobs, still struggling financially, health challenges and more to both working from home and being so in love with our “work” that it’s hard to even call it work. Connecting with amazing people and helping them see the greatness in themselves is hardly work, we’d love to chat more, set up a quick call here!!

Want To Become An Empowered Parent?

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