The Sedivy Success Model:

Proven To Keep It Simple, Fun and Effective as You Share The doTERRA Message With Others.

If you’re ready to create big momentum in your business + create sustainable growth then keep reading!

Whether you are brand new to our wellness advocate team you have been with us a while, this is for you.

This plan will require you to block off 60 min a day x 20 days.

If you decide you want to work more than this on your business – go for it!
But make sure you set aside this 60 min as a minimum.

Decide which 20 days this month you are going to focus on this model.
Each day, there is approximately 30 min of a mentor call recording to listen to + 30 min of focused action to take based on the call content.

This 20 day period should take place right before a launch where you follow the 6 weeks to Elite strategy. There is about 10 hrs of audio content in total, but you need to follow through immediately with the action items from each recording. To make this most effective,  do not move on to the next recording until you finish the assignments.

Daily Mentor Calls: A Proven Model to Share doTERRA with Simplicity and Joy!

Mentor with the Top Leader In doTERRA!

Ever wish you could learn from the TOP person in a given organization? One that has done what you are hoping to and done it with great success, all OVER the world! Of course this would greatly enhance your chances for success and that is just how this company works, the top LEADER in the company Allyse and Patrick Sedivy have created this amazing FREE resource to help you know the basics on how to get started and have the best chance for success. Her Daily Mentor Calls (mainly 1 through 30 as you get started) are amazing for helping you:

  • Learn how to identify the best people to reach out to first
  • How to have an amazing experience when you do connect
  • What to say and how to say it
  • How to bring a group together to learn in a SIMPLE and FUN class setting
  • How to help even more people feel as excited as you are to join you in this journey!
  • And so much more…

Step One is simply registering here for the DAILY MENTOR CALLS.

  • During your launch, you will teach one class a week for 6 weeks and create a sustainable Elite rank or create big momentum regardless of what rank you are at.
    It’s wise to pick the same day/time each week.

  • Throughout these next 20 days, you are going to learn the most effective way to sample, invite, fill your class and enroll so that this 6 week block builds big momentum for you.

  • After your launch season, if you want to grow to Silver + beyond, you’ll guide at least 3 people to duplicate what you’ve just done.

  • If you appreciate the math:

    • Guide 3 people through a launch quarter and you’ll hit sustainable Silver (this will create 3 Elites under you)

    • Guide 9 people through a launch quarter and you’ll hit sustainable Platinum (you will partner to create 3 Silvers/9 Elites under you)

    • Guide 12 people through a launch quarter and you’ll hit sustainable Diamond (you’ll partner to create 4 Silvers/12 Elites under you)

Tools for Success

Learning Your “Back Office” And More

Learn tips on how to manage your back office as a Wellness Advocate and what to do to best support your incredible Customers!